Lorena Petani Outlines the Best Small Towns to Visit in the Midwest

As an expert Site Finder for filming, Lorena Petani, knows that small towns in the Midwest not only offer great places to film, but also great places to visit for their charm and history. For example, she says if you’re a fan of old gas stations, then Dwight, Illinois, is a place you should consider visiting. The village is home to Ambler’s Texaco Gas Station, a 1933 site named after a former manager. 

The Best Honey Cookie Recipe From Lorena Petani

When it comes to treating yourself, there are few things more satisfying than a homemade cookie. However, Lorena Petani, an expert Site Finder for films who is based in Chicago, Illinois, shares a time-tested recipe that traces back to the Calabria region of Italy. Honey cookies, also known as Scalille (as well as Scalille Calabresi or sometimes Taralli), are deep-fried heaven . 

More About the Best Small Towns to Visit in the Midwest From Lorena Petani

When it comes to the best towns to check out in the Midwest, many of them are in Illinois, says Chicago’s film Site Finding expert Lorena Petani. These small towns offer up lots of history and charm, while also offering prime dining and accommodations. They also offer tourist spots that are worth stopping for and exploring — some of which have attracted the attention of film companies.

Easy and Fun Still Life Photography Ideas You Should Try

When it comes to photography, Chicago, Illinois’ Lorena Petani knows a thing or two. As someone who also enjoys baking and cooking, she has used her photography skills to up her game in food photography.

Learning how to master the art of stills in the kitchen can help if you’re looking to launch a food or recipe blog. People may even want to license your images for use if they’re the quality for marketing materials.

The perfect getaway weekend in Nashville

When it comes to places to escape to in the U.S. for a couple of days, there are few places that will offer up more true Americana and charm than Nashville, Tennessee, home to a rich history and several celebrities including famous musicians according to Lorena Petani, an expert Site Finder for filming who is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Lorena Petani Explores the Creation and Cultural Significance of the Kanga

The kanga is a traditional East African article of women’s clothing. These cloth pieces are uniquely printed with vibrantly colored designs in geometric, floral, and other arrangements.

Kangas are only found in Kenya and Tanzania. They are a popular item of everyday clothing among women in the Swahili culture, and they are also occasionally worn by men. Kangas are frequently given as hospitality gifts, and it is said that every woman should own a thousand of them.

The Perfect Romantic Midwest Getaway

When it comes to romantic getaways with your significant other, you might think of a romantic city like Paris, France, off the top of your head. But Lorena Petani, an expert in Site Finder and photographer, says her state of Illinois is a great starting point for a romantic loop from Chicago and back.

There’s no need to leave the country at all to take in some beautiful sights, which is perfect for convenience and spontaneity.